Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

Such a fun, fun day!! The toilet surprise for my husband (see this post - so you don't think I'm nuts) was a HUGE success.  He died - which, in return made me die.  He's such a fun guy, totally humors me when I'm being a little over the top. (I love that about him).

We have our St. Patrick's dinner going in the crock pot right now.  Y.U.M.M.Y.!!!!!!!!!!

(click on the picture for the recipe)

I got a call from my boss this morning and he told me to come in an hour late - no problem, right?!? RIGHT!!! So, considering I was ready to head to the office when he called me - I scooped up the puppy and the hubby and we headed off the PetSmart.  Izzy needed a new shirt - b/c the "Pet me I'm Irish" shirt didn't fit from last year - little chunk.  We found an adorable top - she looks so cute.  We're a family of green today and I love it - no pinches coming our way.

T-Shirt (Victoria's Secret) - BUY
Green Blazer (Talbots) - BUY
Jeans (Gap) - BUY
Belt (J.Crew) - BUY
Necklace & Bracelet (The Limited - old)
Sunglasses (Burberry) - BUY

Outfit (Petsmart) - BUY

I hope everyone has a fun but safe St. Patrick's Day.  What are your plans?? Are you eating green food? Drinking green beer?? Whatever it is, I hope it's fun!!!

xoxo, Laura

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  1. Izzy is adorable and that meal looks delicious... Happy St. Patty's day!