I can do this...

This year I decided to make a list of things I want to accomplish in 2012 rather than the typical "get my butt to the gym" resolution.

  1. Start making dinner - every.single.week.night.  I say week.. because the weekend was made for date night - you know, getting dolled up just for my husband and going to dinner and enjoying each others company.
  2. Pack my lunch for work - rather than grabbing something quick at the snack shop.
  3. Start accessorizing - I love jewelry - but I seem to forget to wear it. 
  4. Organize my closet. - I saw a great post over at The Small Things Blog that really inspired me to take a look at what I own and get it organized.
  5. Take some time out for myself - I work..A LOT.. I need to allow myself to get manicures, pedicures and my hair done and feel relaxed while doing it.
  6. Start going to yoga again.
  7. Wake up earlier in the morning - so it doesn't consist of just getting ready - in return, I'll feel like I have accomplished a lot more.
  8. Enjoy a cup of coffee - in the morning - sitting - rather than while doing my make up/blow drying my hair/running out the door.
  9. Get serious about blogging - for example, post outfit pictures!!!
  10. BUY A HOUSE... self explanatory. :)