Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hubby Shout Out

Whether you're married, engaged or dating - everyday life sometimes gets in the way of really expressing how you feel about your special someone.  I feel it is so important to take a minute and thank your significant other for not only what they do - but for who they are. In my case, I have been happily married to Doug for 8 Months and not a day goes by without me counting my lucky stars for not only bringing him into my life but making him part of my life.

Without further ado - Let me introduce my husband.

This is the man that I call "Doug-a-Doo" - My husband

He is a man's man who enjoys nothing more than being a guy - doing guy things - which I'm totally cool with; in fact, I love it.

But, let me tell you, he's not ashamed to be a softy!!

I am officially dedicating today "significant other appreciation day" :)
I think we should all take a minute and really express our love - take a minute - it will mean the world to that one person you're directing it to.

What do you love most about your sweet thang? 

Happy Hump Day!
xo, Laura

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  1. This is so sweet! It's funny b/c my hubby is a total mans man too - Great minds think alike!

    following ;)